Is your employee volunteering program optimized for the post-Covid workplace?

With 89% of workers desiring new skills and 2/3 wanting to stay remote, you need scalable tools and resources to support team members in highly individual ways.

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The VolunteerMatch network integration brings you the largest and most trusted directory of over 150,000 skills based, group oriented, up-to-date, and virtual volunteering opportunities available—right inside the software your team already uses and is familiar with.


As we continued to grow, I wasn't able to plan every event for our employees. We needed to scale our program to offices across the country, and it's been really helpful to have that vast network of opportunities for our employees to access."
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Alicia Koch
Global Program Manager, Social Responsibility

Successful volunteer programs support the opportunity to choose.

Volunteers need a wide range of choices to get involved in what they're passionate about. VolunteerMatch empowers you with the abundance of choice to appeal to everyone on your team in their own unique way.



Hundreds of new virtual, group-oriented, and COVID-safe opportunities added every day.
Over 300 unique skills for team members to contribute and strengthen through skills-based volunteering.
29 distinct cause areas to choose from, spanning every aspect of social and environmental impact.



Fill out this form to learn how to activate VolunteerMatch for your team!

Pre-integrated with the leading ESG, social responsibility and employee engagement software platforms.

VolunteerMatch is the #1 most-used volunteer engagement network, and it's available to every client of each of our partners. There's no more either/or—now you benefit from the best of both worlds.

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Pre-integrated with the leading social responsibility and employee engagement software platforms

VolunteerMatch is the #1 most-used volunteer engagement network. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Over 1,000,000 matches made every year.

Volunteer engagement leaders and employees alike benefit from an extensive, diverse, up-to-date, and highly customizable directory of volunteering opportunities.

150,000+ up-to-date virtual, in-person, and COVID-safe volunteer opportunities

Over 300 unique skills needed by nonprofits around the country

Curate opportunities from specific cause areas in line with your values

Reduce the cost of running employee volunteering programs at scale

Enhance your existing volunteering platform with thousands more high-quality opportunities

Provide your team with a fast, easy and convenient way to get involved in impactful activities in their communities

Provide access to tens of thousands of virtual opportunities that need only a phone or a computer

Increase employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction, and retention

Activate your VolunteerMatch Open Network Integration today.