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Integrate VolunteerMatch right into your existing website or platform and instantly provide access to over 100,000 up-to-date volunteering opportunities.

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Activate your audience.

More than ever, volunteers are looking for meaningful and personalized experiences to make an impact, where they can get contribute their skills and expertise to advance causes that are important to them.

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Opportunities in every city, state, and ZIP code.

With hundreds of thousands of virtual, in-person, and skills-based opportunities to contribute to, you can be sure that everyone will find something that aligns with their passion to make a difference.

Straightforward documentation. Accessible support.

The Open Network API V3 is built with GraphQL, which provides access to the entirety of our volunteering database. Using a flexible query language like GraphQL gives you more control, allowing you to tailor the VolunteerMatch experience to match your community's needs and expectations. Check out our GitHub for all API documentation.

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Check out a few use cases below to see how others have maximized the value of their platforms just by integrating the Open Network API.

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The first of its kind.

VolunteerMatch has the largest and most up-to-date database of volunteering opportunities in the world. The Open Network API is designed to help you leverage the full power of the VolunteerMatch network.

Huge inventory.

Over 100,000 opportunities from vetted organizations across America.

Embed anywhere.

Display and provide access to opportunities through your website, SaaS platform, or mobile app.

Virtual impact.

Over 10,000 virtual opportunities that can be participated in remotely or from home.


Give your community the tools to contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts—safely and confidently.

Stable & reliable.

VolunteerMatch has been the leader in volunteering for over two decades, becoming a household name in 1998.

Save $, create impact.

Reduce costs and expand the benefits of supporting volunteering initiatives at scale.

Versatile, capable, and ready to deploy—choose where to get started.

What else can you do with digital infrastructure built to support volunteering at scale? The options are limitless. Choose from 5 ways to start your journey with the Open Network API.

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So easy to customize you'll think you've developed super powers.


Build to leverage the blah blah blah making it simple to create and optimize webpages.


Support is a click away when you have a question about anything.

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