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Adapt Your Volunteering Program To Meet The Moment Movement

Give your team the opportunity to volunteer from home, safely contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts, and a million more ways to help their communities.


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VolunteerMatch connects your employees with volunteering opportunities that are meaningful to them, wherever they happen to be located.

Whether you want to empower your team to volunteer remotely from home, or to get involved in COVID-19 relief efforts safely and responsibly, the VolunteerMatch network provides countless ways to support your community.

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"VolunteerMatch has been very helpful for us. We have used the tool specifically in helping us meet some of our goals. We have set a goal to more than double the percentage at which our associates volunteer, and so we've been able to partner with our client relationship manager at VolunteerMatch to help integrate some search capability to help associates find volunteer opportunities that align with our goal to improve wellbeing."
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Leslie Clements
Senior Program Officer
"We have 62,000 employees and currently over 10,000 of them are logged into VolunteerMatch. It's been a tremendous motivator for our employees because we really really love our relationship with VolunteerMatch. I don't think we could do our volunteer program successfully without it."
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Shelley Gitomer
VP Philanthropy & Community Engagement
"We feel very passionate about volunteerism, but we have to be able to portray it in a way to those that make the decisions about what our company does and those in our senior leadership team, and VolunteerMatch... puts it all together in one neat package."
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Jamie Wagner
Communications & External Relations

Build Your Own
Or Enhance What You've Got

Use VolunteerMatch to create volunteering programs for your colleagues or community from scratch, or plug VolunteerMatch opportunities directly into your existing giving and volunteering platform to provide your team with the greatest amount of choice.

With millions of opportunities spanning 29 unique cause areas, there are ways to get involved, in meaningful ways, in every city, state, and ZIP code.

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Access over 100,000 up-to-date volunteer opportunities

Give your volunteers the opportunity to put their skills to work improving their communities

Embed volunteer opportunities on your website

Reduce the cost and expand the benefits of employee volunteering programs at scale

Enhance your existing volunteering platform with thousands more high-quality opportunities

Save over 4,800 hours/year using VolunteerMatch to easily connect volunteers with causes

Provide access to tens of thousands of virtual opportunities that need only a phone or a computer

Increase employee engagement, motivation, satisfaction, and retention


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