CUSTOMER STORY's Culture of Volunteerism Gets A Boost

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About Box:
Box is a modern content platform that solves everything from sharing files to sophisticated content management workflows.

Solutions Used:

  • API Network Subscription
  • YourMatch

Volunteerism has long been an integral part of Box’s industry-leading corporate culture. The VolunteerMatch Open Network API has kept them on the leading edge.

Volunteerism has long been an integral part of Box’s corporate culture. They wanted the process of finding and signing up for volunteer opportunities to be as easy as possible for their employees.

With VolunteerMatch's Open Network API, they were able to consolidate their giving platforms, incorporating thousands of searchable, real-time volunteer opportunities.

The result? Volunteer participation among local and remote employees increased eightfold in less than one year — from 5% to 40%.

“I get a lot of volunteer requests from remote employees. The first thing I do is point them to the VolunteerMatch network. For our remote employees, being able to find opportunities was really big for us. All you have to do is click on the volunteer button.”
christina louie -
Christina Louie
Global Program Manager at Box


employees engaged in volunteering before adopting VolunteerMatch


employees engaged in volunteering after adopting VolunteerMatch


Box wanted to offer purpose-driven opportunities for their employees to get involved in their communities. 

By implementing the VolunteerMatch volunteer management solution YourMatch, they could track, manage, and report on their employee volunteer program successes.

Separately, they were using a workplace giving platform to track their employees’ monetary giving.

While the two separate systems functioned well, directing employees to two different plat- forms proved cumbersome. “We were going back-and-forth internally on how to get folks to use both platforms,” explains Christina Louie, global program manager at

They were soon approached with a new possibility: the VolunteerMatch Network Subscription — a feature that makes the VolunteerMatch network of vetted volunteer opportunities accessible through select corporate giving partners.




“When our giving platform approached us [to access the VolunteerMatch network through their platform], we decided to go for it,” explains Christina.

Box hypothesized that having one location to track both employee volunteering and monetary giving would make it easier for their employees to find what they’re looking for, and therefore boost participation rates in their volunteer program.

“The implementation was really smooth,” recalls Christina. “After we made the decision and payment, we had access within five days. And it’s been really easy to use.”




Since implementation, Box has seen results across multiple facets of their volunteer program.

On Numbers
“Overall, percentage of employee engagement [in our volunteer program] has been the main metric we’ve looked at,” explains Christina. “And we’ve definitely seen an increase in volunteering overall.”

Since integrating the VolunteerMatch network into their giving platform, volunteer participation among Box employees jumped eight-fold in less than one year — from 5% to 40%.

On Remote Employees
While their HQ is in California, Box has offices across the globe. They have a number of remote employees, too.

“I get a lot of volunteer requests from remote employees,” says Christina. “The first thing I do is point them to the VolunteerMatch network”.

“For our remote employees, being able to point them to how to find opportunities was really big for us. All you have to do is click on the volunteer button.”

Christina shares the story of a recent hire in Atlanta who wanted to get involved right away. “She was super excited to find out we had a way to help her find an opportunity to volunteer,” recalls Christina. “She ended up starting with a one-time volunteer commitment, and now volunteers regularly. Our remote employees are really impressed.”

On Administrative Time
Box provides resources for employees to find their own volunteer opportunities through the VolunteerMatch network. “It saves me from having to plan all opportunities, especially in areas that I am not personally familiar with,” says Christina. “We can easily find out who has needs already, rather spending time on cold outreach to nonprofits.”

I would recommend VolunteerMatch to help companies extend their reach,” adds Christina. “No matter how big the team is now, there are going to be more employees in the future.”

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