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Engineered From the Ground Up for Employee Engagement

employee volunteer engagement platform

Designed to make engagement, communications and reporting easier, VolunteerMatch’s employee engagement platform was engineered from the ground up for volunteering success. It’s also the only platform fully integrated with our award-winning nonprofit network.

Not only does our employee engagement platform power volunteer programs at many of the world’s best-known companies,  it has helped our clients outperform industry benchmarks in every area of measurement. Along the way, we're also helping our clients inspire tens of millions of employees to get involved.

It’s field tested, best-in-class, and ready to help your company.  

  • Customized dashboards display volunteer opportunities by locale.
  • Inspiring visuals and measurement tools.
  • Quick ways for employees to search, sign-up and track hours on their desktop or smartphone.
  • VolunteerMatch’s world-class matching and filtering technology. 
  • Easily propose projects, sign up for alerts, and invite friends and family.
  • Add or update messaging, change tabs and publish stories.

Highlights From Our Employee Engagement Platform:

  • YourMatch™: The all-new framework for inspiring your audience.
  • MobileMatch™: Search, sign-up and track hours from your smartphone.
  • Customized dashboards display volunteer opportunities by locale.
  • Single Sign-on
  • Special Event Manager
  • Quick Start Employee Users
  • Private Get Satisfaction Support Portals for Employees
  • Multiple Support Options to Fit Your Program
  • Multiple support options to fit your campus needs
  • Metrics and benchmarking across other companies 

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