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How can find a way to volunteer?


The VolunteerMatch Network

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*Q: How can I find a way to volunteer?

A: If you are looking for a way to volunteer as an individual or small group, head on over to VolunteerMatch.org. If you’re looking for a way to integrate volunteer opportunities into an existing platform outside of VolunteerMatch.org, you’ll want to learn about our Network Subscription.


Q: What’s the difference between VolunteerMatch and VolunteerMatch Business Solutions?

A: VolunteerMatch Business Solutions is a product suite offered by the web’s largest volunteer engagement network, VolunteerMatch. These solutions are specifically tailored to companies, universities, and multi-chapter nonprofits. The solutions include YourMatch, Network Subscription, and Sponsorships.

Q: How can I figure out which solution is best for my company?
A: Browse our solutions’ page to learn more about the various products we offer. You can also schedule a time to chat with a member of our team to talk through your options.

Q: Why VolunteerMatch?

A: VolunteerMatch is the largest volunteer engagement network on the web, with vetted, up-to-date opportunities for 3.2 million volunteers. We’ve been around since 1998, and over the past 20 or so years, have learned quite a few things about what works and doesn’t work in volunteering.


Our solutions have been specifically created to fill the gaps we’ve seen firsthand in corporate and large-scale volunteerism. And our team of experts are available to help you enhance your volunteer program in the most efficient way possible.


Q: Why should I care if my employees volunteer, anyway?

A: Study after study shows that people want to work for companies that embody socially responsible values and offer an outlet for volunteering. Employee volunteer programs have been shown to increase employee engagement and retention, and also serve as a great recruiting tool. Plus, they give your employees an opportunity to build new skills, bond with co-workers they wouldn’t normally interact with, and feel a greater sense of purpose.

The VolunteerMatch Network

Q: What is the VolunteerMatch network?

A: The VolunteerMatch Network is a consolidation of volunteer opportunities from across the U.S. and beyond, all in one place. With volunteer opportunities for 3.2 million volunteers on any given day, it’s the largest volunteer engagement network on the web.

The VolunteerMatch network: 

  • Spans 29 different cause areas, including animals, disaster relief, and the environment.
  • Reaches every ZIP code in the U.S. and certain international locations.
  • Includes over 5,000 virtual volunteer opportunities that can be completed from anywhere.
  • Includes over 47,000 volunteer opportunities that draw on specialized skills.
  • Incorporates volunteer opportunities from over 117,000 nonprofits.
  • Has facilitated over 13 million nonprofit-volunteer connections to-date.

The VolunteerMatch Network empowers people to find and champion the volunteer causes that are meaningful to them.

Q: How many volunteer opportunities are offered with the network?
A: The VolunteerMatch network consists of over 100,000 vetted, real-time volunteer opportunities on any given day, for over 3.2 million potential volunteers.

Q: Are there volunteer opportunities from outside the U.S.?
A: Yes. VolunteerMatch encourages non-U.S. organizations to post their volunteer opportunities.

As of December 2017, we had 1,174 active volunteer opportunities from outside the U.S., spanning across 86 countries. And these numbers are rapidly growing as we continue to encourage non-U.S. organizations to post on VolunteerMatch.

Q: How many virtual volunteer opportunities do you have in the network?
A: We know that virtual volunteering is increasing in popularity, and that it’s a great option for folks that have busy schedules or work in remote locations. That’s why we offer between 5,000 and 7,000 opportunities on any given day that can be completed from anywhere.

Q: Can the network be segmented? For example, can you search by causes, skills, location, etc.?
A: Sure can! Each volunteer opportunity in our network is tagged with attributes including cause area, skills required, location, and whether or not it can accommodate groups, kids, teens, and/ or older adults. When browsing the network, you can segment by all of these attributes.

Network Subscription

Q: What is a network subscription?

A: VolunteerMatch’s network subscription is a way to access the VolunteerMatch network of volunteer opportunities outside of VolunteerMatch’s own platforms (VolunteerMatch.org and YourMatch.) For those technical folks out there, it’s an application program interface, or API.

If you’re looking to access our network from your current giving vendor, we currently have partnerships with six corporate giving platforms: Bright Funds, Causecast, CyberGrants, Forward It On, Profits4Purpose, and YourCause.

However, the network subscription is not just for corporate giving platforms. Companies and nonprofits including LinkedIn, Twilio, and New York Cares have also integrated the VolunteerMatch network into their platforms. The results? Their users can search and sign-up for meaningful volunteer opportunities without leaving their app or website.

Q: My giving platform provider doesn't currently work with VolunteerMatch. How do I get them included?
A: Simply have them contact VolunteerMatch to learn more about our partnership opportunities. We’d love to have them on board!

Q: Do I need to use one of your corporate giving integration partners to access the VolunteerMatch network?
A: No, we have integrations with many types of customers including higher education, nonprofit charities, Fortune 500 companies, and membership organizations. You also have the option to wrap our network into your own website or app. Your users can search and sign up for thousands of volunteer opportunities directly on your platform!

Q: If I integrate the network into my own platform, can I personalize it for my use case?
A: Yes, you can. Our volunteer opportunities have a variety of attributes. You can use our algorithms to specify or recommend specific opportunities to your consumer base. These include attributes such as cause area, skills required, location, and whether or not a volunteer opportunity accommodates groups, kids, teens, and/ or older adults.

Q: I want to integrate the VolunteerMatch network into my app or website. What can I expect to get?
A: With our network subscription, you’ll receive:

  • The VolunteerMatch Network, including 100,000+ fully-vetted volunteer opportunities on any given day for 3.2 million volunteers
  • The ability to customize our search engine to suit your specific needs
  • The option to select the specific types of volunteer opportunities you want to highlight or feature
  • A team of experts that can help you implement the technology exactly how you want it

Q: Do you offer reporting with your network subscription?
A: Yes, we do offer basic reporting.

Q: How much does a network subscription cost?
A: If you are accessing our network through one of our existing corporate giving network integration partners, please contact VolunteerMatch or your provider to find out what the additional cost of the network would be for your plan. Otherwise, pricing is based on the number of employees, starting at $50/ month.


Q: What is YourMatch?
A: YourMatch is a volunteer management portal customized for your enterprise, government agency, or university. It was created in 1998 when we noticed that companies with employee volunteer programs were having to build their own internal systems to track volunteerism — talk about a hassle!

YourMatch is complete with access to VolunteerMatch's network of 100K+ nonprofits, customizable homepage designs, personalized dashboards, robust reporting, and top-notch client support.

Your employees or students will receive individual log-ins to the portal to record and track their own impact, and you will have administrator access to manage their giving. YourMatch has helped hundreds of companies, including Starbucks, Groupon, Under Armour, and JetBlue, to streamline their volunteer programs and have greater community impact.

Q: Who is YourMatch for?
A: YourMatch is ideal for companies, government agencies, and universities.

Q: How much does YourMatch cost?
A: YourMatch offers flexible pricing, starting at $5K, and billed annually. Pricing is based on a number of factors, including support levels, add-on features, and number of users. To request a quote based on your specific needs, drop us a line.

Q: How long will it take my organization to set up our YourMatch platform?
A: The average time to set up a YourMatch platform is 90 days. However, some organizations have done so in as little as three weeks. It depends on how much customization you require, what your ideal timeline is, and how quickly you can get any internal sign-off you require.

Q: Does YourMatch have the capability to track monetary donations, or just volunteerism?
A: Given that we have spent nearly 20 years in the field of volunteering, we have decided to keep YourMatch focused exclusively on what know best: volunteerism.

However, we recognize that some companies and organizations prefer to manage giving and volunteering in one location. That’s why we partner with third-party corporate giving platforms to integrate the VolunteerMatch network into their technology. Visit our Network Subscription section for more information.

Q: Will I receive an account manager to help me make the most of YourMatch?
A: Yes. A client relations manager is assigned to each client to help with onboarding and quarterly reviews. Our support team is also standing by to help you on a day-to-day basis. Plus, if you feel like you need a bit more personalized assistance, additional levels of support are available for a fee.

Q: What types of reporting do you offer?
A: VolunteerMatch is proud of our robust and customizable reporting feature, which reports on hours volunteered, volunteer sign-ups, projects, and registered users. You can also segment your data by departments, teams, branches, and more. It’s completely customizable and all up to you!

YourMatch comes with 20 standard reports included, but you can easily build your own from our report wizard.

Q: Can I export volunteer information into excel and other formats?
A: Yep! Our reporting tool allows you to export to Excel and tab-delimited text files so you can easily work with your data.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of administrators allowed?
A: No, there is no limit on the number administrators you can have in your YourMatch platform. We also offer three levels of administrative hierarchy depending on needs, at no additional cost.

Q: Will YourMatch work on my tablet or mobile phone?
A: Absolutely. YourMatch is fully mobile responsive for users and can adapt to any smartphone or tablet.

Q: How customizable is YourMatch?
A: YourMatch offers three tiered levels of branding, however, in general, YourMatch is highly customizable. We can match your brand colors, add photos and videos, customize text, and more. You will have HTML editing capabilities, too, so can customize the page anytime you want and in real-time.

Furthermore, you can create custom reports, and include custom questions for your users when they’re signing up for a volunteer event, registering for an account, and more.

Q: Can I make volunteer events private to a specific group?
A: Sure can! You can create volunteer projects, and then make them private so they are only viewable with an invite. This is a great feature when volunteering just as a department or team!

Q: Can we manage a “Dollars for Doers” program within YourMatch? What would that look like?
A: Yes, but YourMatch can only take you to the point of reward determination, i.e. how many “dollars” an organization will get for your employees’ “doing”. At that point, you will need to use an alternative process, such as an accounts payable team, to process payments.

Q: Can I add YourMatch to an existing HR platform?
A: YourMatch can work with any HR platform, within an SSO environment. You are able to pull data from YourMatch into your HR systems. However, we are not fully integrated into any existing HR platforms, such as Ceridian and Workday, at this time.