How to Unlock Your Employees' Leadership Potential with Your Volunteer Program

Giving people opportunities to pursue their interests is key to driving employee engagement. According to Gallup, engaged organizations see a 3.9x earnings per share growth rate compared to organizations with lower engagement in the same industry.

So how do you develop engaged leaders among your employees? One effective way is a top-notch volunteer program. 

We've teamed up with our partners at Causecast for a free webinar to show you: 

  • How meaningful volunteer opportunities can build skills and increase confidence in your employees
  • What you can do to help employees use their individual interests to grow
  • How your employees can find volunteer opportunities that will bring out their leadership qualities

Join presenters Laura Plato of Causecast and Scott Lohmann of VolunteerMatch on Thursday April 27 at 2 pm ET / 11 am PT.

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